What's Your Skin Care Routine?

We all know good skin is clean and healthy. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, we all have to figure out which products work best for clear, soft & supple skin. We do the following routine: weekly skin + body scrubs, daily toner and cleanse and moisturize twice a day (day & night). We also use body butters and lotions to relieve dryness and ashy skin.

Weekly face scrubs help exfoliate dead skin cells and has added benefits depending on the ingredients you use. Coffee scrubs are great for naturally lightening dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and tightening cellulite. Sugar scrubs are great exfoliators because sugar is a natural humectant and draws moisture into the skin and reveals a healthy glow after application.

Daily toners remove dirt and toxins from the skin that could cause breakouts and dark spots. Toners 

The reason we use cleansers should be obvious, but our skin needs to be cleaned daily to remove dirt, grime, dead skin cells and to smell fresh. Our selection of body washes and facial cleansers do just that and has natural scents that leave a lasting impression. Moisturizers include facial and body products that provide hydration to alleviate skin dryness you may experience throughout the day.

What's your skin care routine? Drop it in the comments.